The bitter-sweet aspect of producing "specialty coffee" is that there are so many stages in the process, from farm to cup, and so many ways for it to go wrong. "Specialty coffee" (to us) means understanding each of these stages and how they interact, and then making sure they are part of our coffee programs and product.

We have spent the last decade understanding a coffee's origin, how this origin needs to be treated in the roaster and how the roast should be treated in the cafe. We have mapped out what needs to happen to make sure this appreciation ends up in the cup... the goal is always the cup.

The origins and technology we work with reflect our roasting style and the way we like to brew, with a focus on a correctly developed roasted product that gives you solubility in the cup, while maintaining the origin characteristics.


Our famous Charlie Coffee milk blend is roasted ‘New Sydney’ – light enough to taste the origin characteristics but dark enough to hold its own in milk and give you a little more body in the cup.

We also have a wide selection of single origin and filter roast offerings.