About Us

The Charlie Coffee team are coffee roasters, café operators, and wholesale brew management specialists.

Charlie Coffee was founded in 2011 by Saxon Griese and Lachlan Grant, two mates with a  passion for bringing specialty coffee roasting to the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Starting from their first love child, the Sneaky Grind Cafe in Avalon, Charlie Coffee has grown and is now the specialty coffee roaster for dozens of cafés across QLD and NSW. We offer wholesale brew management programs, and are cafe operators of our company owned and managed stores under the 'Brew Collective' and 'The Local Brew' brands.


Teenaged Saxon fell in love with coffee the moment he laid eyes on a sack of green beans and a little roaster sitting on top of a friend’s kitchen bench. The love affair has continued, with Saxon now travelling to the beans origin and sourcing green beans, roasting at the warehouse, or dropping in on a client. Whichever way you look at it, Saxon’s days are absolutely full of coffee.

He also brings a background in the corporate sector and across a number of start-ups.


Lachlan brings a background in business, and management experience from across a number of start-ups to the team. He is a chartered accountant and has been the Chief Financial Officer and numbers guy for several key start-ups across a variety of industries.

His days are full of coffee and dealing with eccentric team-members and coffee-types.

Lachlan is passionate about coffee, business and ensuring all of Charlie Coffee’s clients are supported to achieve success. Running a café can be overwhelming at times, but planning for growth and problem solving are Lachlan’s specialties and he uses them to benefit everyone in the Charlie Coffee family.



Sean is the newest member of the Charlie Coffee team, and comes to us with a background in corporate and government marketing and communications.

Discovering new ways to spread the Charlie Coffee story, and drive new business for our wholesale customers and corporate stores is something of a passion for Sean.